Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 62

Dear Mother, 
This week was an nice week. On Tuesday we went to Sankubenase up in the bush, it's about a 4 hour drive away. They were having an open house there and President wanted us and the Assistants to go an help and bring them supplies. So we woke up early in the morning drove there and it was so much different than the city. Not too many people spoke English but it was still a lot of fun. The open house was a success and it was fun. So after it was finished we had to drop some Elders off at home. I got a sweet video its cool and then we started the journey back to Accra. On the way I bought some bread called B. Foster bread. This bread is crazy. It is so heavy and feels like a brick. One loaf costs 8 cedi and usually bread costs 3 so you can see the price comparison. So I bought a loaf and then went across the street to buy some other food. Well there was this old lady and whenever you are eating here people always say "you are invited" meaning you can have some of their food. Well I say this to the old women and then she proceeds to take a massive chunk of my bread and then it was just like a storm ha. A bunch of people came and took some of my bread and before I knew it half of my loaf was gone ha. It was pretty hilarious. This week we also had a service project  on Saturday. It was the All African Service Project so it was really fun. Alajo and Tesano wards were combined. We cleaned a gutter in Alajo. It was pretty nasty but it was fun. We got a lot of work done. It has been a good week. We have transfers this week so that should be eventful. We played basketball today. Yesterday we had the most massive FM I have ever have. Brother Dickson tried to kill us with fufu ha. I have never been that close to throwing up before. We kind of suffered but it was still delicious. The church is true and that is all that matters. Well mom I love you hope you have a great week. 
Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Father, 
We had a service project this week it was massive and we did a lot of work. We helped clean a gutter. My shoes smelled so bad afterwards. It felt great to work. I got sun burnt small and I am still sore ha. Thanks dad I hope your week went well and that work is also good. Love you 

Elder Thornhill

"This is from Sankubenase"

"This is Elder Hansen he is also in Alajo ward. He is in my district"

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