Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 63

Dear Mother, 
Transfers were kind of crazy I'll talk about it later. Yes I am still in the office. Sometimes it's frustrating being in the office but its good. I like it.
Tuesday-We helped move the ofankor sisters. That was actually pretty easy. We just got ready for transfers. 
Wednesday- Transfers. Drove to the MTC at like 530 picked up all the new missionaries. It was 18 I believe. Most of them were Americans so we barely had room in the cars for all their luggage ha. The transfer is self went ok. We got to new missionaries in the district and one of them is from Mesa. After the transfer we had to go haul peoples luggage to them. We went to odorkor and McCarthy hills, kasoa, ashtown, and buduburam. So it has a nice little trip. Then we got home and I just passed out so tired. 
Thursday- I was able to do interviews for the Tesano elders. They have been working with a strong less active and she finally came back to church so that was exciting.  
Friday- a new missionary that came was sick so we had to look after him. that the one the picture I sent. He was really cool. 
Saturday- We went to Nsawam. Got the best juice I have ever had in Ghana. It's called Blue skies so delicious. We also bought a pizza as well on Saturday. We enjoyed small this week ha. 
So this week was good. The church is true. I have been thinking about one of our investigators Ray. I just feel that I am suppose to help him into the church. He is such a sweet guy we just haven't been able to meet with him. I just feel so strongly about him and I really I can help the Lord fulfill His plans with him. I love you 
Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 

The roads are bad in the bush. I took a video a few weeks ago and I think I can send it to you. It's from the bush. We just figure it out. We know most of the places we need to get too. Thanks dad I love you. Your jokes are so great. thanks for the example you are too me. Love you 

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