Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 64

Dearest Mother, 
I am still working through the Doctrine and Covenants and I started the Book Of Mormon again with the student Manuel so that should be great. 
Tuesday- We went to Abomosu for another open house. We contacted for like 3 hours just everyone in the town. I was trying so hard to get people to come. There were actually a lot of people that came. I think like almost 200. It was  great.
Wednesday- We had another open house in North Ridge. This one wasn't as well organized as the ones have been in the bush but it was still a good activity. There were a few members there and we were able to get about 60 people through the open house. I can't remember how many people just blew me off. It was kind of a nicer area but it was still a lot of fun. Our mission President Hill was contacting everyone and so that was cool to see. I think that was my best this week was just contacting for the open houses.
Thursday-We were able to meet some people on Thursday. We met Ray and I just love this guy so much. We had a wonderful lesson with him and we were planning on picking him up for church but he got called into work on Sunday so that was bad. But we have the open house and the whole city of Alajo is going to come ha just kidding but really we are going to invite everyone.
Friday- I did an interview and that was nice. One man was so ready and it was nice to hear his testimony. I love hearing people's testimony and how they joined the church. I love how everyone has different experiences but everyone has that same undeniable belief in Jesus Christ and the  Book of Mormon.
Sunday- was the Sabbath and that was great. We have had an Elder staying with us for the past few weeks before he goes home because it's in a middle of a transfer. We were able to go out with him and he really helped me and really taught me a lot. I am grateful for him and he is actually coming back to Ghana for school in like 3 weeks so I will probably see him again.
I am so grateful for this week and I look forward to this week. I will let you know how it goes and I am excited for it. I love you mom and this church is so true. D&C 101:36
Love Elder Thornhill

dear Dad,
We found some good people this week and I really hope they progress and I hope a ton of people come to the open house. I love those things. They work so well. love you dad. I hope the ward is doing well. Well love you have a great week
Love Your favorite son

Elder Thornhill with his companion

Elder Thornhill with the missionaries in the other ward

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