Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 67

Dear Mother, 
We had another open house today and it was raining pretty good so that was fun and we got nice and wet. I'll have to shine my shoes really well.  
Monday- Went to a members house and I don't know if I told you but they have a monkey that lives in their compound and I think we are planning on teaching the owner so that is nice. 
Tuesday- I did a interview and the person was so sweet. She had such a great testimony. And we got in a car accident on Tuesday as well. I was driving and I am still new to the roads here and driving stick but thankfully it wasn't my fault. No one was hurt but we got a nice dent in the side of the van. So that was kind of exciting. 
Wednesday- We met a women named Gladys. We also met with Richard and he is doing well he just traveled this weekend and didn't tell us but that is ok. He has had a spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon so that is wonderful. 
Thursday- had coordination. Our assistant ward mission leader named Thomas is going to Sierra Leone and he is sweet I love that guy. 
Friday- We had an open house at the temple site. I was able to see President Judd and I saw my son Elder Nelson so that was really nice.   
Saturday- Open house in the bush we also got to play some small basketball so that was good. and we made it back in time for the temple open house as well. 
Sunday- Went to the baptism to the person I interviewed and that was good President Hill was there too so that was good. 
Things are going great we have transfers next week. I am not sure how long I will be here I could leave this transfer but I'm not sure just depends I guess. thanks for everything
Love your son

"an open house in Asunafo it was in the middle of nowhere"

"last week Sunday and brother Dickson he tries to kill us with food"

"me and Elder Christensen. He is pretty sweet and we have become good friends. He wants to go back to Utah State so who knows we might be roommates." 

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