Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 66

Dear Mother, 
Yeah they are enjoyable nothing too exciting. But I did see a monkey yesterday. We went to the second counselors house in the bishopric and someone that lives in his compound has a pet monkey. But the owner wasn't around so I couldn't play with it but I will try and get a picture. We are reading the BOM with one of our investigators. I was so happy for him he said he prayed about it and got this nice feeling and that after that he wanted to share it will his friends. He said his friends kind of shot him down ha but I know that he knows it's true and he is sweet. It has been really nice reading with him and answering his questions. A guy in our ward leaves for his mission in December so he has be going out with us so that is nice. Tuesday we had an open house in Asunafo and that place is in the middle of nowhere. It is so small. it was a pretty good open house though. And after we got back Tuesday night I went right to Tantra hills to go on an exchange with a new missionary Elder Forrest. It was a good day and we found some good new people. On Thursday we went back to the bush for a mission tour with Elder Vinson. He is really great. It was a nice conference. Then on Friday we had the next conference with everyone serving here around Accra. There were a lot of missionaries there. On Saturday we had an open house in New town and that was fun. Got some good rejections but a lot of people came so it was all good. Yesterday we had a massive banku fm and I thought I was going to die. But it has been a good week and this week looks like it will be pretty exciting as well. We have a temple open house and another open house in the bush. Thanks mom for everything. Things are going great. Love you 
Elder Thornhill

Well we have a washing machine at the office so that is nice. We had a great lesson with Richard this week.Thanks for everything  love you dad. love you dad

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