Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 65

Dear Mother, 
Monday- We had to get these Ghana government registration cards and it was a mess. We got to the area office around 10 and were there until about 7. But everyone was able to get them so that was good. 
Tuesday- open house in Asuom. It was another fun experience. It was very successful and it was fun to be able to contact a ton of people up there. 
Wednesday-we had the zone leaders from the bush stay with us overnight because of MLC the next day. nothing too exciting. 
Thursday- we meet with Richard and earnest. They are brothers and are really cool. They both read from the Book of Mormon and they enjoyed it.    
Friday- We had office council. And then we went out contacting for the open house that we were having the next day. It was pretty good. 
Saturday- We had the open house from 4 to 7. it was pretty successful and it was fun. There were a lot of missionaries there. Richard came and was helping people with questions they had about the book of Mormon. He is really thinking about the church and I really hope that he progresses to baptism. 
Sunday- church was good Richard didn't come to church because he went with his mom. But we saw him after and so hopefully next week. It rained while we were teaching him. They also made us fufu so that was great. 
Things are going well. I love you mom have a great week. 

Love Elder Thornhill

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