Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 68

Dear mother, 
Monday- I don't know if I said this last week but we had an open house in Ofankor. It rained the whole time ha. We were all soaking wet but it was great. President was out too and all wet so that was good to see that he is also willing to do that. 
Tuesday-We had district meeting and that was good. Then I did some baptismal interviews for the assistants. There people were really cool. I also did an interview for Tantra as well. It was a very big lady and she is actually naming her son Nephi so that was pretty sweet. 
Wednesday- We had an open house in Kade. It is pretty far away so it took awhile to get there. They just met in a small rented building but it was still nice and many people were able to come through. We also got some refreshment which consisted of a massive piece of chicken and a mineral. We started the journey back a little late because we picked up the trainers for the trainers council on Thursday. The drive back was crazy, because it had rained a lot the bumps were even worse. But it was good. So we get to our apartment to drop off the assistants and then President pulls me aside and asks me to train a new missionary. So I was very surprised at that. So we had trainers council the next day. It should be exciting. Both of us will be new the area but it should be great. 
Thursday- We saw Rosemary a small girl we prepared for baptism and she is great. Her parents aren't members but she lives by our bishop and her sister is a member. We also had correlation meeting. I took a picture with our assistant ward mission leader and I will try to send it. 
Friday- We had office council and I did some more baptismal interviews so that was good. 
Saturday- We had an open house in Oda and we had to get up very early to be able to get there by 9. it is like a 3 hour drive and the chapel was so beautiful. It was hard to get people to come though because it was far from the main part of the city. It was still fun and right after the open house finished at 12 we made our way down in Accra to another open house in Dansoman. We got there a little late but we still had some good time to contact people and it was also successful. We also had a baptism on Saturday but we missed it but there were some good people and all of them were confirmed on Sunday. Oh we also went to the Oda big tree which is supposed to be the biggest tree in west Africa but I'm not sure, it wasn't that big.  
Sunday- had a great time at church it was sad to say bye to everyone and I am going to miss this ward a lot. 
Well I don't have much time but I will get a new companion on Wednesday and I am hoping a go to Kasoa but I guess we will see. Thanks for everything love you 

Love your son

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