Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 69

Dear Mom, 
Well it has been an exciting week, Glad to hear the marathon went well. 
Wednesday- Picked up my son. His name is Elder Bass and he is from Lehi. He is cool. We then took a tro tro to our new area. I didn't really know the place very well and to make things worse I got my camera stolen at circle. That was kind of a bummer and all my pictures so that kind of stinks. We got our stuff from the office elders in the evening and then went out finding. 
Thursday- All day of finding so that was good we met some good people so that was good. I really enjoyed a lesson with this man named Collins. We focused on the Book of Mormon with him so that was good. 
Friday- Oh by the way our apartment is really nice. So that makes things good. Little bit of a slower day it rained but we still got some good work done. 
Saturday- We rode around with the other elders to get to know the area more. My companion got really sunburnt and was really tired so it was a tough day. 
Sunday- The ward is great and church was awesome. I was able to bear my testimony and I just love feeling comfortable on the pulpit and being able to address the congregation. I actually knew a few people in the ward from previous areas and I am glad I was friendly with them so they were happy to see me. Things are going good here and although it may be a little difficult I know that with the Lords help I can do it. 
I think that is it for this week. I am not sure if you want to send me a new camera or what but just let me know. I love you have a great week. 
Love Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 

I know I need to be here. Yes it's nice to be back in the field we are in Kasoa and we opened a new area called Iron City. Yeah I have met both Elder Vinson and Elder Dude. Elder Vinson reminds me of Bruce from Finding Nemo. Thanks dad love you

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