Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 74

Dear Mother, 
Monday-we had an FHE fall through so we went and saw some investigators. Nothing too crazy to say. 
Tuesday-had district meeting and coordination. met a less active named Isaac. He is a sweet guy and he was even able to come to church again and so that was great. Bishop was very grateful that he came. We got our open house more planned put and the relationship with the ward is good. 
Wednesday- A slower day with failed appointments but it was good. Did some good finding and worked  
Thursday- the assistants came to our area for exchanges and that was good. It was good to see Elder Christensen and go proselyting with him. We're pretty good friends so it was a good time. We met some cool people. had a good lesson with a women named Sheila.  
Friday- We met a man named George. It was kind of late and he was sitting outside his house. We could barely see cause it was really dark with no lights but I thought he was maybe 25 so we teach him and find out that he is 19 with a wife and a one year old daughter. So I am sure he is struggling a little bit I can't imagine having a kid and a wife to support. But he said that he was still trying to finish his room so we offered to help him build his room. We are doing that on Wednesday. I have never helped build a room so I will let you know how that goes. But it was kind of funny early in the night we went to see an investigator and she was putting fish into a freezer and we offered to help her but she didn't let us and I wanted to help her so bad and so I was a little disappointed but we continued on our way and even though it was kind of late we decided do to some contacting and that is when we found George and I can't wait to give service.    
Saturday- Had an open house in Ashtown and that was fun. President was there. it was a good time. I got the package and it cost like a 100 cedi but thank you so much. The shirts were much appreciated. thank you so much.  
Sunday- had some people come to church and got banku from the Primary President who also might be the oldest women in our ward ha.  
Well things are good. I have been reading the Book of Mormon and it has been so great. love you mom have a great week 

Love Elder Thornhill

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