Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 70

Dear Family, 
Monday- We had an FHE at one of the members that lives by us. It was good getting to know them. 
Tuesday- We had Zone Training meeting in Odorkor. President came and it was nice to see him again. I really liked the meeting and I learned a lot. We also went to ShopRite after which is a really nice grocery store I didn't buy too much though. It was weird being in that nice of a place. 
Wednesday- Met some good people. One named Maabena. we were just walking past her compound and she was just sitting there and called to us and she didn't seem very serious at all but we sat down with here and had a great lesson. She had good questions. so that was nice. 
Thursday- More finding. More door knocking. found a nice women named Florence. She just had a baby and has been married for about a year and she needs the gospel so bad. She said she just feels a little overwhelmed and from what I could tell her church has really been helping here. she is definitely prepared.    
Friday- some more failed appointments and more finding. We met an interesting man named Cosmos. similar in personality to Cosmo Kramer. ha  
Saturday- Met with the other missionaries in our ward and they showed us some of their investigators that live in our area.  had a nice bike ride.  
Sunday- Church was wonderful got to know the members more and then went to a members house for dinner. They were actually in Mataheko ward when I was there so I knew them but they moved into a new house here. It is so nice and it was a great meal. 

I already thought of a Christmas idea. Just have everyone pick out a tie for me and then write like there favorite scripture or something like that. thanks for everything mother I love you 
Elder Thornhill

Dear Dad, 
Its going good. I can say training this time is harder than the first one. for me it's more just making sure that my companion learns how to teach and learns scriptures and how to answer questions and getting that solid testimony. By the way the office couple is sweet. You will have to met them some day. Elder and Sister Wall. we have found some good people but still need to find more. We are having trouble getting people to church since it is kind of far but I know that we can do it. we did have some good times that is for sure. thanks dad things are going good and I think me training is probably more for me than it is for my companion. I am learning a lot it is great. 

Love your son

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