Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 10

Dear Family, 
Good to hear from you Carly. I'm sure you are getting excited for buff week and I know the pep rally will go great. I'm sure the seminary party was fun. Congrats on being captain that's great. I've never been captain of anything ha. Yes spread the nectar love. America is a great place. That should be exciting to hear from Erica. Thanks again Carly have a great week and good luck with everything. 

Thanks for all the questions dad ha. Teshie is pretty big I'm not really sure how big but there are enough members to have three wards. We just work in one ward the other elders are in another ward and then the sisters are in the last ward. We all make up the Teshie district. The ward is good not as good as the other elders ward but the bishop is good and a lot of people come. I like it and its like my bed is a little tent. I sleep very good. Yes we actually got a another white guy in the apartment on Wednesday so I played with him. His name is Elder Bradshaw from Alpine,  Utah. He's really sweet and we have a lot in common. It's good to talk to him. I'm sure mom did great and tell her thanks for the shout out. Oh yes I remember when we did that. That should be a great experience. Skyler better get his eagle. Thanks dad I hope all is well with the bishopric and I know you are doing a great job. I love you too. 

Hi mom. The new missionary is great. He really made me thankful that I have not gotten sick at all and that I haven't really been homesick at all either. I have been very blessed with being out here and the Lord is watching over me. we have 4 elders that live in our apartment. My companion is from Zimbabwe and so it the other elder in the apartment. Yes we eat at members homes a lot and they make pretty good food. The city is crazy and its always an adventure to ride our bikes to the chapel. The chapel is like in the middle of town where it's the busiest and our apartment is kind of far away so we get to ride there. Dad said you did great on Sunday and I'm sure you have a great talk. Oh and thanks for the package. I got it this week. The candy was great and didn't last long ha-ha but really thank you for sending all that stuff. The youth are great and very faithful and we are over one ward. They treat us very well so that's good. Thanks mom for everything. I'm glad Marshall is coming over and tell him I still hate the Lakers haha he'll like that.  

Nicki it look like life is cheer and school but that's good. I'm sure the game will go good and cheer your little heart out haha. Good luck with school and I know if you work hard you will do fine. Have a great week. Abbey I hope all is good and enjoy high school. I hope cross country is going well and I know you will do great. 

This week was another great week and I've really realized how blessed I am and how hard it is for some people to adjust to mission life and living in Ghana and being away from there family. I really have been blessed and Heavenly father loves me. The church is true and I hope all is well in Tempe and know your little boy is doing fine in Africa. 

Love Elder Thornhill

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