Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 8

Dear Family,
Thanks for talking to Brad it means a lot. The work is good. We have a lot of investigators to teach. My companion is good we are very different but its good. Its teaching me to live with someone very different and its definitely teaching me patience. I think that something very important that I need to learn here. 
Yes Mom the weeks actually do go by very fast. A lot faster than I would have thought. I'm glad you had fun at your class reunion and made good use of the champ hat haha I'm sure that was a funny sight. Yes It was an investigator that is a white guy that's my age. He is doing service at an orphanage here and so we taught him and some of the orphans. He was just difficult to teach and very stubborn.
Carly it sounds like senior year is already going great. One thing I kind of regret now is not being super involved but you don't really have to worry about that cause you are very involved. Enjoy your senior year and you only live it once so take advantage of it. It is great. Wow I'm surprised Erica cut her hair so short. But have fun at school and good
This week was good. We didn't have any baptisms but we taught a lot and found a lot. I realize that one great way to strengthen your testimony is by sharing it. I bore my testimony to an investigator and it really helped me to receive confirmation from the spirit that what I was saying was true. The best way to gain a testimony is to share it so I would encourage everyone even the little girls to share their testimonies and I know that they will be strengthened. That about it for this week. We did a lot of cleaning today  and I'm going to cook some chicken later so I'm looking forward to that. The church is true and always do the little things to have the spirit and I know that everything will be ok, I love and miss you all.
Love Elder Thornhill 

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