Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 9

Dear Family, 
Wow this was a long letter this week. It's good to hear from all of you and I'm very grateful that I hear from you every week. Yes transfers are on Wednesday and the other elder in our apartment is training and I think it's going to be an oh bruni. It will be nice to have a another white person to talk too. thank you for the prayer for the 4 banger. it needs all the help it can get. I hope Nicki is treating it well. Ah dang my honey badger is letting me down. It will be good to hear from him.  
Here's the letter:
The work here in Ghana is very good and people are ready to hear the gospel. It's great to see the African saint and the great faith that they have. We teach a lot and I have had the great privilege of baptizing a few people. The food is a little different but I'm surviving and things are definitely very different. I am loving my mission and the great joy that comes with     sharing the gospel.  

Carly it's good to hear about your first week. I'm sure you will do fine and the pep rally will be great. Congrats on number 1 that's great. I'm sure you are very busy with school and everything but make sure you don't forget about the Lord. If I can tell you one thing to do that is do read your scriptures every day. It will give you great strength.

Abbey yes I did have Mrs. Reynolds and she was a great teacher you will like her. That's good about cross country and I know you will do great this year. Remember to practice hard and I know you will succeed. I hope you like seminary and make sure you give 100% when you are in class and you will learn so much. 

Kasey it's good to hear from the little hipster. I know school is not cool but you have to do it. Try to enjoy it as much as you can. Goodwill is the best and when I get home we will have to do some shopping sprees at goodwill. thanks for repping the gun socks make me proud.    

Mom wow six weeks is a long time. The gift of tongues is there mom pray for it ha. I'm sure you will have the chance when you convince dad to go on a mission. Thank you for asking for my advice, I'm sure you will get much greater advice in the temple but ill share what I'm thinking. Tell the young women to never think they are too cool to follow the standards. Don't think you are too cool and that I can go to this party and not drink and just hang out. That's one thing I regret is going to parties. I was tempted and the situation is just not good. You can have so much more fun with people that are not drunk. Never think you're too cool to friend that person that is sitting alone in class or to help someone in need. You are never too cool to follow the standards and be more Christ like, Well that I'll I got I hope it helps a little and if not I'm sorry.  

"Be more specific on the details." Like details about what? Oh I have an experience. We found this man named bright and started teaching him. I bore him my testimony that I know that God knows his name and loves him so much. It was a great moment and I felt the spirit so strong.  
I had to wash all my clothes today by myself. Usually the Ghanaian missionary helps me but since he's leaving I thought I might as well get use to it. My hands are sore but I feel good. We had a FM yesterday and I ate fufu with groundnut soup. It's hard to describe what it's like but it's not too bad. It seems crazy that I've already been out for one transfer. It will be interesting to have another white man in the apartment and I'm sure I'll have stories about that next week. One thing that I have been studying and trying to more fully understand is the Atonement. It is central to the Plan of Salvation and is so important. Oh I almost forgot I got to go to the temple this week on Thursday. It was so great and just what I needed. WE walked to the independence square and that is where the picture is taken. The President of Ghana died last week so they had his funeral this week. This week was great and I hope that this upcoming week is better and that I can strengthen my testimony and teach better. I hope all is well and good luck girls with school and with everything else. I love you all and miss you. 
Love Elder Thornhill

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