Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week 3

Mitchell arrived at the mission home today! When he arrived, he wrote an actual letter to us which his mission president scanned and emailed to us. Mitchell does not have the best handwriting so here it is typed out:

Dear family,
I just made it to the mission home. I'm excited to be able to be out in the field. We had to wake up early but luckily for us the mission home is right by the temple so it is only like a 45 minute drive. The AP's were very nice and the mission home is very nice. I guess this is where it all starts. They said we will have lessons to teach today so that got me kind of nervous but I know if I rely  on the Spirit I'll be fine. They also said that some of us will have baptisms this week. That seems really crazy for me and it should be a great experience. Happy Fourth of July and I hope Logan is good. Say hi to Grandma for me. I can't wait to preach the Gospel to the people of Ghana and become a better person and strengthen my testimony. This is going to be such a wonderful experience and I can't wait for it to really start.

Elder Thornhill

His letter.

With the mission president and his wife.

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