Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 4

Dear family, 
Nicki I'm glad your date went well. Dad I'm glad conducting went well and yes I broke out all my ties.  Oh I'm sad I missed Walmsley.  I totally forgot about the tour but Marshall gave me some NBA highlights.  My companion is Elder Gunda from Zimbabwe and were in Teshie 3 and its like 30 minutes from Accra and were kind of by the ocean. No I don't need anything for my face but I am going to need some contacts and the cleaning solution so you might want to order those.  Yes im sleeping in my net and taking my pill every day.   

Church was good and I was the only white person there.  I bore my testimony so that was good.  There is this lady, Mama O who reminds me of Claudine Jones so much.  She loves to talk so that is pretty funny. That is crazy the guy from Preston.  I cleaned the apartment today cause it was really dirty and it's a little different from home but that's ok it really is a great little apartment.  I hand washed all my clothes today and that was different but good at the same time.  I'm glad everyone is doing good especially grandma and grandpa. I hope chemo goes well for grandpa and I'm sure grandma is funny as ever. 

Carly I really didn't need to know that but I'm glad you're having fun. Africa is great and the work is great.  I think  we have a baptism this Saturday and we've taught a lot of lessons. It's hard to read everything and respond but I did my best and just know that I'm well and having a great time.  My testimony and faith grows each day as I study and learn more.  I feel very close to my Savior and it's a great feeling.  I hope everyone has a great time in Utah and I can't wait to hear from everyone 

Love Elder Thornhill

Dear everyone, 
That's cool about the Elder from Denmark. There is actually an elder in my mission from Heber ha but I wasn't really able to talk to him.  I miss Jeff tell him I say hi.  The first day was good. the Elders came at like 6 to pick us up from the MTC and then we drove to the mission home.  We had to do a bunch of stuff there and their house is really nice. Sister Judd (Mission president's wife) has the biggest smile I think I've ever seen and you can tell she really loves what she is doing.  President Judd is also very nice and I got to talk to him for a little in his office. Then we went to the area office by the temple to get our trainers.  My companion is Elder Gunda and he is from Zimbabwe.  He is a great missionary and has a great knowledge of the scriptures.  Once we got our companions we had a little devotional and then went to our area.  We are in Teshie 3 and it is a great place. I'm excited to be here and to be sharing the joy of the gospel. 
Love Elder Thornhill

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