Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 5

Dear Family, 
This week has been good and yes we have a lot of investigators to teach. We ride bikes mostly and take a trotro sometimes.  We serve in just one ward teshie 2. We had a baptism on Saturday and I was able to baptize three people. It was a great experience and I truly felt the Spirit. I was also humbled by it as well just knowing that the Lord trusts me with such a great responsibility.  I also read my patriarchal blessing this week and that was also amazing.  After reading it I realized how many great things are promised to me and I want to be as faithful as I can be so that I will be able to enjoy all those things. My scripture reading has been a lot better and I am getting so much out of them and learning to apply the things I learn to myself and the people were teaching.   

The people are very nice and receptive to our message.  Everyone yells, "ohh bruni" (white guy) when I ride by but I'm getting use to it.  I'm eating oatmeal and a lot of indomie which is just ramen here.  I have a lot of bread and fruit as well.  Sometimes I get some fired rice and chicken and I've had banku a few times.  Yes I'm following the mission rules and I'm glad that you are concerned for me and want me to be exactly obedient. Just like it says in alma obey with exactness. I'm having a wonderful time and my testimony is growing still. I love you all and I pray for you every night.  Thanks for everything.  

Love Elder Thornhill 

Elder Thornhill with a boy from church

Before the baptisms of these three men

One of these things is not like the other!

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